Healthcare: Medical Education and Clinical Simulation Centers

Yale New Haven Health

Simulation Center

The new, 8000 sf Yale New Haven Health Medical Education and Simulation program - SYN:APSE (Simulation at Yale New Haven: Advancing Patient Safety and Education), includes a simulated Hospital suite with the following simulation theaters: Inpatient, Critical Care, Labor & Delivery, NICU, and a Multi-purpose room for Trauma, PACU, Prep/Recovery and Surgery. With a centralized Meds/Supply Alcove, the Center can engage the Learners in multi-disciplinary training scenarios across multiple rooms.

Program Elements include:

  • Simulated Hospital Suite; Inpatient (Med/Surg, Critical Care, LDR, NICU, and Meds/Supply Alcove) Trauma, OR, and PACU with individual control rooms
  • Multi-functional Classroom
  • Skills Lab
  • Debrief Rooms
  • Collaborative Staff Work space
  • Centralized Storage

Special features of this flexible learning environment allow for a wide range of simulation-based services including education and training, evaluation and assessment, facility design and testing, environmental and workflow analysis, systems integration, and device testing.

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