Higher Education: Academic

Boston College

Center for Teaching Excellence at O'Neill Library

The new Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) consists of teaching and learning facilities, staff offices, and related support facilities within the O’Neill Library. The CTE coordinates and enhances the support of teaching, both traditional and electronic, that Boston College (BC) provides its faculty and graduate students who teach.

BC requested a well-located, visible, and attractive place with a dedicated staff (previously scattered among a number of departments) that will bring the latest research and resources on teaching to BC schools, departments, and faculty. The project, totaling approximately 12,600 net assignable square feet (nasf), consists of approximately 8,800 nasf of renovated space for the Center (previously used as the Campus Technology and Resource Center - CTRC) along with approximately 3,800 nasf of dispersed space associated with the redistribution of existing CTRC staff, support space, and computers. This dispersed space was assessed for necessary reconfiguration, electrical, and HVAC needs.

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