Higher Education: Athletics

Stellos Stadium

Athletic Complex

This state-of-the-art athletic complex was strategically designed for optimum play for football, soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey for more than 200 events annually. With seating for nearly 4,000 fans, the new facility provides a great spectator experience.

The premium play artificial turf surface is safe, durable, and an easy-to-maintain alternative to a natural turf field. The installation of high performance field lighting allows the complex to be used well into the fall season, providing ample light for games yet sensitive to the neighboring community with full cutoff luminaries.

Supporting the field is a multi-function building which houses home and visitor locker rooms, support spaces, concessions, ticketing, and a high-tech press box to capture each game experience. To save energy and operational costs, the building systems were designed to be “winterized.” Shutting down the systems during the off season saves thousands of dollars annually and reduces the building’s carbon footprint.